Pioneers in retail investor flows

VandaTrack provides daily data on retail investors’ net purchases of US single stocks and ETFs. Check the leaderboard of the most bought and sold securities on a daily basis, access a customizable web-based user interface, or use our API to automate the download of the data.
Identify opportunities
Single out stocks and investment themes with limited and upward trending retail ownership, and skate to where the puck is going.
Make sense of the noise
Why is AAPL moving higher today? What’s behind this week’s drop in airline stocks? If retail investors are involved, VandaTrack has the answers.
Avoid crowded bubbles
Identify and steer clear of (or, better yet, bet against) stocks that have experienced over exuberant retail activity lately.
Analyze behavioural patterns
Suss out the factors behind buying and selling decisions. How do retail investors trade ahead of earnings? Does seasonality matter? Is retail buying the dip or riding winners?


A daily update with the ranking of the securities that experienced the highest retail net purchases in US$ dollar terms. 

Flow charts

Visualize daily flows into individual securities and how they stack up against price action. Are retail investors driving prices higher, selling into strength or capitulating in a down market?


Download the data with the API if you want to automate your models.
Otherwise, analyze them in Excel with just a click.


Vanda is an independent research house that provides concise tactical macroeconomic and investment strategy analysis to institutional investors. Vanda adopts a cross-asset and cross-geography approach combining investor positioning, expectation and mass-market psychology to deliver outstanding macro insight over a 0-3 month time frame.

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