Pioneers in retail investor flows

VandaTrack provides daily data on retail investors’ trading activity and social chatter across all U.S listed stocks and ETFs. Check our leaderboards to analyze the most traded, bought, sold, and mentioned securities on a daily basis. Access this all through a customizable web-paged user interface, or through our API for seamless and automated data download.
Identify opportunities
Discover stock and investment themes with limited or trending retail activity, and skate to where the puck is going.
Make sense of the noise
Why is AAPL moving higher today? What’s behind this week’s drop in airline stocks? If retail investors are involved, VandaTrack has the answers.
Avoid crowded bubbles
Identify and steer clear of (or, better yet, bet against) stocks that have experienced over exuberant retail activity lately.
Analyze behavioural patterns
Suss out the factors behind buying and selling decisions. How do retail investors trade ahead of earnings? Does seasonality matter? Is retail buying the dip or riding winners?


A daily ranking of the most traded, bought, sold, and mentioned securities by retail investors. Analyze retail activity and filter securities by benchmark, sector, factor, and theme.

Flow Charts

Visualise daily flows across individual securities and how they stack up against price action. Are retail investors driving prices higher, selling into strength, or capitulating in a down market?


Receive daily or weekly alerts on major moves in retail flows and social chatter volumes on securities that matter to you.

VandaTrack Weekly

A weekly qualitative note which provides curation and narrative around retail investors’ flow and chatter data as seen by Vanda’s expert global research team.


Download the data with the API to allow seamless automation within your models. Otherwise, analyse the data in excel with a single click.

What’s coming next…

June Analysis Tab Study and compare trends across different types of retail datasets.


Vanda is an independent research house that provides concise tactical macroeconomic and investment strategy analysis to institutional investors. Vanda adopts a cross-asset and cross-geography approach combining investor positioning, expectation and mass-market psychology to deliver outstanding macro insight over a 0-3 month time frame.

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